Floss is the most commonly used product for interdental cleaning.

Multifilament fibres are twisted together to give varying levels of width and density, from standard nylon to texturised, each delivering a different consumer benefit. A unique coating formulation can be developed and added to combat specific oral health conditions.

Dental tapes are predominantly produced in a monofilament format.

Dental tape has a flat surface area, very smooth and slides easily between the teeth, this is one of the key reasons why consumers like these products.



Custom-developed to meet the needs of our customers and consumers. We have a large variety of flavours, which is continually being added to, and includes flavours such as; Mint, Menthol, Spearmint, Citrus, Natural, Cherry, Strawberry, cooling and warming sensations.

Active Ingredients

Custom developed to combat various oral health conditions such as gingivitis, halitosis, gum inflammation, anti bacterial, cavity control, sensitive, plaque and tartar control.


Choose from one of our existing product and container designs, or work with our design team to develop something exclusive to fit your brand.


We offer a variety of packaging solutions on all of our products.