Sustainability statement

Perident is committed to operating in accordance with responsible, ethical and sound business principles throughout the value chain, applying stringent standards to its own activities and to its impact on the environment.

Perident has identified 4 key areas in which it can contribute;


Promote good Oral health, through manufacturing effective Oral cleaning products, that contribute to the well-being of the population.

Product safety

Ensure safe product and material throughout the value chain. Perident applies the same product quality standards regardless of the country in which the product is manufactured or sold.

Responsible sourcing

Perident is committed to sourcing more sustainable raw materials through new or existing suppliers. This is includes but is not limited to:

  • Recycled PP
  • Recycled PP already containing colour
  • FSC approved packaging and backing cards
  • RPET for blister packaging

By working with our suppliers and customers our aim is to use no virgin packaging material by 2024.


Minimise our environmental footprint. Perident will strive to minimise its Group’s activities and products impact and footprint on the environment.