Ideation and Evolution

Through idea workshops and informal discussions, we take and develop ideas to provide a better starting point for our innovation and product concepts.

Innovation and Design

We work with many external sources, including our trading partners, to ensure new innovative products and designs are considered in our new product development. By scanning other markets and trends, we can identify designs that meet the expectations of the future.

New Product Development

Through continual market and technology research, we identify and develop the products, technologies and ideas we have to best match the needs of the market and our trading partners.

Through cross functional team working, we ensure that this market pull is matched with our technology push to ensure that leading products are brought to market. Ensuring new products are delivered on time is important, and we use a fast track project review process to maintain progress while ensuring our trading partners are engaged throughout the project

Product Testing

In addition to the rigorous quality testing we carry out throughout production, we also ensure our products are thoroughly tested, and thus, fit for purpose.

Ensuring our products maintain their competitive advantage in the market, we carry out efficacy and performance testing, both in house and independently. This provides our trading partners with the confidence and market differentiation they need to be successful.