The Factory

The Peri-dent Factory in Malaysia is a modern single storey factory of 85,000 Sq Ft (7900 sqm) and was purpose built in 2010/11. The building has three main sections comprising of offices, segregated clean room production areas and warehouse

In 2016 Perident opened a second factory 29,000 sq ft (2700sqm) in Malaysia focusing on injection moulding and warehousing for component parts. The factory also has a high standard of GMP, with compliance to Good Manufacturing Practice, ISO 22716

Good Manufacturing Process (GMP)

The factory has GMP compliant clean rooms with PU Flooring, Class 100K Clean Room Partitioning and clean room filtered air conditioning. Factory employees wear full cover factory work-wear, and full wash and scrub procedures including air shower are in place at the factory entrance. All equipment within the factory is fully GMP compliant.